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Greenscents: organic from seed to suds

By 28 September 2018June 17th, 2022No Comments

Greenscents is an OTB member that’s not just another small business hoping to ride the organic wave – no greenwashing here!  Every product in the carefully formulated laundry and household range is certified organic by the Soil Association.  This is unique across the industry and Greenscents has become recognised as a pioneer company, producing effective cleaning products with a short ingredients list, all made in their workshops in West Somerset.

Greenscents has been awarded a host of other key certifications (including vegan and allergy friendly) that means the company is now recognised by Ethical Consumer as the most ethical brand available in the UK for laundry detergent, toilet cleanerwashing-up liquid and household cleaner (Ethical Consumer, 2017).

People choose Greenscents for a variety of reasons: they may have skin allergies or want to make the purest choices for their children or are gradually converting their whole life to organic living. All Greenscents products contain more than 70% organic ingredients and use organic essential oil blends to create completely natural, fresh fragrances. There is a ‘Nonscents’ range for those who prefer or cannot tolerate fragrance.

Founding Partner Christina Hawkes says, “Cleaning & laundry products deserve better! The Greenscents range is perfect for those who are concerned about the health of their family and the future of the planet. At Greenscents we strive to create products you can be proud of with beautiful sustainable packaging that looks great anywhere in your home.”

All Greenscents formulas are super-concentrated. This means that less packaging is needed, and the company’s carbon footprint is reduced. For instance, the best-selling Greenscents Laundry Liquid (500ml bottle) is enough for 22 washes. By reducing the water content and increasing the active ingredients Greenscents has created a winning formula.

The company is also committed to working towards zero waste and now provides large containers of laundry and cleaning products to many businesses wanting to reduce plastic waste.

Customers arrive with their Greenscents bottle (which is made entirely from sugar production waste, so no plastic) and fill up at their refill station. They are encouraged to buy refill options through the Greenscents online shop with at least a 10% reduction on bottle price. As Christina explains, “We want Greenscents products to be affordable for all our customers – whether retail or trade so they can make the positive choice for themselves and the environment”. The Greenscents refills have also been available from one of the UK’s first zero waste shops, Earth.Food.Love since April 2017.

You can find Greenscents products in many other independent stores throughout the country, online at Amazon, Ocado, Abel & Cole, Ethical Superstore and through the Greenscents online shop for trade and retail customers (with 10% of your first order).