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New OTB member: The Green Milk Co Ltd

By 28 May 2019June 17th, 2022No Comments

The OTB is delighted to welcome The Green Milk Company Ltd as it’s newest member.

The company is launching a new, unique, organic almond milk product. Its USP is that it comes in a 40ml bottle of almond cream that consumers simply add water to make 1 litre almond milk. Consumers can also use the almond cream as a dairy-free cream substitute direct from the bottle.

The small size of the product makes it much more environmentally friendly as it uses 90% less packaging than standard 1 litre almond drinks and is easier to transport and store both for wholesalers, retailers and the consumer. Since the little bottles weigh just 43g, it now means that almond drink can be available to consumers wherever they go, whether this is to work, day trips or even on holiday. The packaging is 100% recyclable.

Product details
The drink is made from premium quality organic almonds from Val di Noto, Sicily, which are then ground and have spring water added. The decision was made to use spring water in order to avoid chlorine that can be found in standard almond drinks that are made from tap water. The resulting almond cream is preserved using the innovative HPP method (High Pressure Processing) to retain nutrients and enzymes and is certified by the Organic Trust.

It is available in a non-sweetened version, made from almonds, spring water and sea salt and also a version sweetened with added stevia.

The product is sold in dispensers that are the same size as existing almond milk cartons and can hold 28 x 40ml bottles, giving retailers 28 times more earning potential for the same shelf space. The product shelf dispenser will be available for wholesalers and retailers and also consumers who opt to buy in bulk online.

As an ambient product, it has a long shelf life of 8 months.

Launching in June 2019, it will be available through wholesalers, direct to retailers and online as a consumer product (with RRP remaining consistent for all channels).

To find out more you can contact Sarah Diggins or via the company website

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