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New member: Simply Bare London

By 13 September 2019June 17th, 2022No Comments

OTB are delighted to welcome our newest member, Simply Bare London.

The brand was recently founded by sisters, Tina Archer and Lora Robinson who are passionate about creating natural, organic certified skincare and beauty products.

Organic journey
The beginning of their journey started when their brother was in desperate need of a kidney transplant and Tina and Lora put themselves forward as donors. Kidney donors have to be as healthy as possible so after undergoing a health evaluation, the sisters joined the gym and made some changes to their eating habits and started buying more organic food and products.

They told us“The irony is that he has always been healthy, he doesn’t drink, and keeps fit and it seemed so unfair. We had in some ways taken our health for granted, so the focusing on our health and what we were putting into our bodies started a new healthier more conscious phase in our lives.

The lightbulb moment came in a jacuzzi. We were in a spa and Lora was talking about a beauty product that she had bought, thinking it was organic because it said something like “natural and organic on the front” and she was confused and disappointed because it contained just a small percentage of organic ingredients. We thought it was misleading and having an interest ourselves in skincare and beauty products we thought we could create our own products. So, we started to make skincare items just for ourselves initially.”

While the sisters were still working, they commissioned a company to manufacturer products commercially for them to sell while they took courses and workshops in organic skincare and aromatherapy.  When the time was right, they started to manufacture their own products seeing the development from start to finish.

Organic certified
They have recently become COSMOS Organic certified, so customers can clearly see that their products have been certified organic by a trusted organic certifier and therefore contain a high amount of organic ingredients and are produced without the use of animal testing, GM ingredients, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. In short, they are working with nature not against it.

Their products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. When possible, they use 100% recycled and recyclable materials for their packaging and only use amber glass bottles for their products instead of plastic.

Product range
At the moment their product range includes a range of face serums and body oils, for men and women as well as pure essential oils and carrier oils. They are in the process of developing and safety testing a deodorant product and a beauty balm range too.

Lora and Tina create products that don’t cost the earth. Using organic ingredients, they are having a positive impact on the environment* as organic farming works with nature. Also, it is fundamental for them to make their products accessible to all, and so their products are reasonably priced.

At the moment they are selling online via their website and in a local shop in Shrewsbury and are keen to talk to independent retailers, multiple retailers and wholesalers about becoming a supplier.

Instagram: @simplybarelondon

*For more information on why organic is good for the environment, click here.