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New OTB member: Fatty’s Organic Spirits

By 7 November 2019June 16th, 2022No Comments

OTB is over the moon to welcome newest member: Philippa Gee, founder of Fatty’s Organic Spirits which is Soil Association certified.

Why Fatty?
One of the first questions that people tend ask Philippa, is why her brand is called “Fatty’s” and growing up as the youngest of four siblings, it was the endearing nickname her brothers gave her, and it stuck. So, when she came to name her brand, Fatty’s Organic Spirits was the natural choice.

Creation of a craft gin
Philippa started the business in November 2017 and only left her full-time job in July 2018 to work as distiller.

She has created two products so far. The first is Fatty’s Organic Gin, a classic London Dry Gin infused with dill flowers. The concept is connected to Philippa’s hometown of Dulwich, which means “the meadow where dill grows”. Fatty’s Organic Pink Grapefruit Spirit Drink is crafted as a lighter alternative to the traditional G&T, as it only has half the alcohol content of traditional gin, but retains all the flavour.

Philippa was interviewed by Flaviar, the world’s largest club for spirits enthusiasts on what it means to be an organic craft gin craft gin. She definitely defines her business as craft as she makes her gin in small batches of 100 with passion, dedication and attention to detail, she is also committed to organic and sustainability – with even the ink on her bottles being organic.

Organic innovation
Being organic certified, with unique flavours and a novel, innovative approach to product development have all made the Fatty’s brand stand out. As such, it has received significant recognition and accolades in a short time, particularly considering how crowded the gin market is.

Most recently, Fatty’s Organic Pink Grapefruit has been shortlisted in the World Beverage Innovation Awards and Fatty’s Organic Gin was awarded a Great Taste Award in August.  In 2018 Fatty’s Organic Gin won Gold at the Global Gin Masters, was included in the Metro Best of Summer Gin in 2018, featured in British Vogue’s Cocktail Club in August 2018 and made the Evening Standard’s Best Christmas Gins for 2018 too. Fatty’s Gin was also included in the catering for the Royal Box at Wimbledon Championship, where as well as being served as a drink, it was used to make gravadlax.

We asked Philippa 6 questions about her business, organic, future plans and food…

1. What made you commit to creating a gin that’s organic? For many start-ups the cost of ingredients and certification can be a barrier…
I was a big gin drinker and saw a gap in the market for an organic gin, I knew if it was something I was looking for, others would be too. Consumers are wanting organic options throughout their lifestyle, from food to beauty to fashion, and it shouldn’t stop just because you’re drinking alcohol. When you look at wine and the options for choosing organic and natural, they have been leading the way and offering this for a long time now and there is no reason this shouldn’t be true for gin, using the best quality, clean ingredients.  Every element that goes in to making gin grows from the ground, so the same standards should apply for this as it is with anything else you consume.

It does cost more to be organic and become certified for it, but with that the customer has reassurance that what they are buying in to is 100% organic. Consumers know and trust the Soil Association logo and that’s why it was so important for me to be accredited by them.

2. What are your reasons for joining the OTB?
I am passionate about spreading the organic message and it is great to be part of an organisation that promotes the organic sector and that highlights the benefits of choosing organic. I am really looking forward to becoming immersed in the OTB, meeting members, sharing stories and hopefully working with some more of the members too!

3. What have been the highlights of the last 12 months?
There have been two huge highlights for the business this year, the first was being chosen to be in the Royal Box at the Wimbledon Championships this summer, which was incredibly exciting to be part of such a prestigious and uniquely British event. The second was being stocked by El Corte Ingles nationwide in Spain. To have such a distinguished department store on board and in a country which is known for their gin consumption, was a game changing moment for me and the company. We are now available across 67 stores in Spain and the Balearic Islands; El Corte Ingles understands the importance of offering consumers the choice of organic and Fatty’s Organic Gin is now their chosen UK produced, organic gin.

4. What are your plans for the next 12 months? 
The last 12 months has seen many exciting developments in the business, which have enabled us to supply to larger retailers and begin our exporting journey. Over the next 12 months, we are looking to increase our export and reach new European markets, as without doubt there is increasing demand for UK produced organic products. Keeping it closer to home, in 2020 we are looking to align with more key retailers and continue to build on our key messaging and promoting drinking organic.

5. What are the best pairings you’ve found so far for your drinks?
Just as you pair wines with food, the same is certainly true for your gin, as you really can complement your drink, even down to your chosen garnish. With our London Dry we recommended serving with a light tonic, with cucumber and dill to garnish. It is incredibly light on the palate and super refreshing, with the inclusion of dill and the citrus notes, it really is the perfect match for fish dishes.

The Pink Grapefruit is slightly zestier but still incredibly warming for the palate due to the touch of turmeric. Served with a light tonic, over ice and with pink grapefruit to garnish, it pairs very well with Mediterranean dishes, which bring out the herbaceous notes.

6. Is there anything you’ve learnt from your experience being an organic start up that you could pass on to anyone else starting up an organic business?
Building a new brand doesn’t happen without its challenges, but it is an amazing journey to be on. The best advice I can pass on would be: do not compromise.  Decide what your values are as a business and stay true to them.

You can buy Fatty’s Organic Spirits from Abel & ColeFortnum and MasonMaster of Malt and Planet Organic, and Philippa supplies to the trade through  Vintage RootsEnotria&Coe and Chalie Richards. You can also buy direct from the Fatty’s Organic Spirits website.

Read more about Fatty’s Organic Spirits here.
Get in touch with Philippa at Fatty’s Organic Spirits here.

OTB members offer
Fatty’s Organic Spirits are offering OTB members 10% discount for the Christmas period (ending on 31 December 2019), click here for more info, and contact Annie if you need the password.