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It’s Go for September

By 12 May 2020June 15th, 2022No Comments

An update from Harriet O’Regan, OTB Marketing Director


If the last two months have taught us something, it is to appreciate. Appreciate our own and our loved ones’ health, our communities, our friends and colleagues on the frontline, and everything we take for granted in our lives. For organic, there is another appreciation which shines out as a guiding light for our sector, a new found appreciation for the world we live in and the fragility of our existence in it. Sustainability strategies and action plans have been paused, for now, but the importance of us caring for the world we live in is likely to come out of this phase with a new found zeal, loaded with a new desire to look after humanity within the world.

As we face the economic hardship ahead, I believe that this recession will have a new face, one that cares. One that recognises the values that we must maintain and a new normal that has to more deeply respect the world we live in. So within this new context, we can continue to be confident that, for organic, the time is now. There is no better time for a system that is based on a fundamental respect of nature, to be noticed and valued. ‘A small swap that can make a big difference’ will become the platform on which we base the industry activity this year. Together I believe that we can make the choice of organic feel an accessible and tangible step towards making a difference.

I am enthused and excited about what we can still achieve as a sector this year and the marketing committee remains dedicated to delivering materials, events and joint activity that members can get behind in 2020.

We have created a messaging hierarchy which we have adapted to the current context and it will enable us to have a clear voice. We continue work to develop a cross-industry toolkit which be available in June and we are also finalising plans for a programme of activity leading up to September which OTB members will have the opportunity to get involved with. We will share more details on this, next month.

I am also energised to continue to feel the interest in organic by UK retailers, many of whom I have been in touch with and are keen to mobilise around organic. We will work with them to ensure they are offering a visible, accessible, extensive range of organic products in their stores and deliver events to inspire new organic purchases.

We are committed to supporting both the major multiples who want to be one stop shops for organic and independents who want to use their organic range as a point of difference and we will be delivering a bespoke programme of activity for retailers who are interested. We will provide details of how OTB members can get involved with our retailer breakfast seminars and our independent summer event in the next newsletter.

For now, I want to say a huge thank you for the support of the passionate members on the committees who are dedicating their time and helping keep the momentum. I look forward to working with you all in the coming months. In the meantime, stay safe and thank you, all, for doing your bit to make a difference.

Harriet O’Regan
OTB Marketing Director