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29% of Brits prefer organic food

By 18 September 2020June 13th, 2022No Comments
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The latest survey from YouGov shows that three in ten (29%) Brits say they “prefer to serve organic and natural foods” to their families.

A further insight from data reveals how this attitude corresponds with other culinary preferences and behaviours.

While seven out of ten (70%) Brits identify themselves as meat and poultry eaters, only a little over half (53%) of those who favour organic food do.

Of the non-organic eaters, 4% identify themselves as vegetarians, 2% as vegan, compared to twice as many organic food eaters – 9% and 4% respectively.

Of the organic advocates, 42% are the sole shoppers in their household and are also more likely to consider themselves healthy eaters (73% vs 57%).

Organic shoppers are also more likely to look at provenance (72% vs 50%), and also stated that that if they have a choice they prefer to buy products made in their home country (72% vs 58%).

Unsurprisingly, almost two thirds of organic shoppers are more likely to buy fair trade products compared to non-organic shoppers (63% vs 38%).

Also most voice a strong aversion to genetically modified food: 56% say they don’t buy food that is genetically modified, versus 38% of the general public.

Over four in ten (44%) also say they only buy products from companies whose ethics and values align with their own – versus just a quarter (24%) of Brits overall.

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