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Meadow Quality joins OTB

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OTB is really pleased to be welcoming Meadow Quality to its membership. The company is a farmer-owned livestock marketing business, operating across the UK. It deals with all types and ages of organic and non-organic cattle, sheep and pigs and is the largest multi-species marketing group in the UK. Organic livestock-trading accounts for an estimated turnover of £850,000 to £900,000 per annum.

Stuart Vile, Beef and Lamb Manager, Meadow Quality Ltd said on joining the OTB:“We welcome our membership to the ‘Organic Trading Board’ (OTB) and its members at a critical time for both Organic and non-organic livestock producers in a post Brexit trading world. By getting closer to those firms who trade directly with consumers we hope our organic producers will benefit from smaller supply chains, increase local supplies and strengthen consumer demand for all that is good with British Organic produce.”

Meadow Valley Livestock and Warwickshire Quality Calves merged in 2002, to form Meadow Quality Limited. The business later merged with the organic livestock company, Graig Producers, in the autumn of 2012. The merger enabled Meadow Quality to increase its marketing presence amongst organic producers and offer them a wider service.

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The company operates from Cornwall to Aberdeen with 35 members of the team offering a high-quality independent service at competitive rates.

As a farmer-controlled business, they work for the benefit of producers and aim to deliver the maximum return for British farmers’ efforts.

Because livestock farming is an increasingly demanding business, the market environment changes rapidly. This has been particularly evident in the current COVID-19 crisis. Organic production margins are narrow amongst livestock producers, and up to date market information is critical to succeeding in a world of changeable consumer demands.

Good marketing of livestock is needed for an effective business. Meadow Quality helps producers by providing a clear understanding of the industry’s environment and has a wide range of potential customers for your stock. All types of organic livestock are traded through Meadow Quality, whether direct to abattoirs or from farm to farm (store/breeding cattle and sheep). Meadow Quality offer secure payment via cheque or BACS payment.

Operating nationally, they have ruminant specialists who deal with processors on a daily basis, offering farmers the best price on the day. They are passionate about developing and maintaining relationships with farmers, large and small. They help farmers and buyers deal with market challenges and are constantly evolving supply chains.

The company supports the RABI (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution) charity which is farming’s oldest and largest charity which has been serving the farming community since 1860. The RABI offers financial support, practical care, and guidance to farming people of all ages including farmers, farmworkers, and their dependents.

Brief Livestock report following outbreak Covid–19:


  • With the outbreak, supply chains were put under pressure and UK food firms had to buy ‘imported’ meat to aid supply.

  •  The imported meat caused a stir amongst consumers who were determined to support British farmers and their produce.

  • Within a short period of time, ‘scratch cooking’, BBQ weather and a determination to buy local, saw sales of Organic beef rise very fast. In a food crisis, consumers seem to upgrade their demands and want safety in what they buy, hence the demand for Organic rocketed!

  •  In the middle of the summer, a major change within the consumer delivery market saw Ocado moving to M&S from Waitrose and sales increased again.

  • The end of the first lockdown, food services opened and by the end of September demand was easing for home cooking.

  • From October to early December with unemployment rising and ’lockdowns’ affecting the foodservice industry, we saw consumer demand weakening. ‘Cooking fatigue’ has set in with more consumers wanting to buy takeaways to meet their requirements.

  • Beef Prices from June to end of September running 40-50p/kg higher than 2019, but since then prices have dropped back 10-20p/kg on the back of weaker sales to range from £4/kg to £4.40pkg.

Market experience very similar to beef sales

  • Excellent demand throughout early spring and summer – helped by BBQ trade – consumers upgrading their choices. Back British campaigns helped demand and with school children at home, more meals had to be prepared.

  •   Sales of organic lamb increased substantially due to ‘staycation’ as consumers who normally go away in July/August had to stay in the UK.

  •  The Eid festival was a major influencer in July as households could not leave the UK to celebrate the festival abroad.

  • Prices at times up 60-80p/kg compared to 2019, recently (November), premiums are at their lowest of 5-10p/kg against non-organic before rising steadily from Mid-December, topping at £5.10/kg with prices not falling below £4.60/kg.

Stuart Vile – Beef and Lamb Manager, Meadow Quality Ltd.

Email Stuart if you are interested in working with Meadow Quality.

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