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How organic farming helps to restore our Earth

By 22 April 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day, the OTB’s Go Organic UK website has just published a blogpost talking about the Earth Day theme this year “To Restore our Earth” and how organic farming plays an important role in contributing to this restoration.

In recent years, media, campaigns, government and policy have focussed on climate change and sustainability, within the debate, organic has been missing. Much of the discourse has been fear-inducing and disempowering for individuals.

OTB and it’s membership are working to educate and inform people that they can make a difference, by investing in buying organic as by doing so they are supporting farmers and producers who work with nature, helping it to restore itself.

Organic farming works from the soil up, using methods that enrich the soil fertility and support biodiversity, and capture carbon, so nature and organic farming work synergistically.

Find out more about how how organic farming can help restore nature and our planet here.