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Wallaroo joins OTB

By 6 May 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

OTB is over the moon to welcome Equinox Kombucha to the OTB community.

OTB is really pleased that Wallaroo has joined OTB as a new member.

Wallaroo was borne out of the experience of parents Swati and Abhisek who found that the lure of packaged snacks was often too strong for their growing daughter.

As most parents, they too realised that the convenience and ‘fun’ of eating out of a colourful packet were attractive qualities for a busy household.

They worked with an award-winning artist who helped create the branding so it would appeal to both a younger audience and to the choosy teenage years.

Home compostable certified packaging was developed to minimise the cost to the environment of convenience.

It was decided that the products would focus on dried tropical fruit as this was both tasty and nutritious and would also help support meaningful economic activity in less fortunate parts of the world. 

Product Range
Wallaroo’s current range is made of a combination of sweet, juicy and tasty flavours available as packs of gently dried mango slices, gently dried pineapple chunks and toasted coconut chips.

Wallaroo uses a drying method that originated from the Romans and is designed to retain just the right level of moisture to allow the fruit to be preserved without damaging its natural taste, texture and nutrient profile. No sugar, salt or preservatives and sulphites are added.

Keen to ensure that its products meet good nutritional guidelines, each pack of Wallaroo is portion sized at 30g – equivalent to 80g fresh fruit which is one of the recommended five portions a day. It is recommended that dried fruit is eaten at mealtimes too, so they are perfect for lunchboxes.

Organic and ethical standards
The product is certified organic by Soil Association and vegan by the Vegan Society.

The fruit is grown on fair-trade community-based farms in West Africa where it is allowed to naturally sun ripen before being gently dried. As part of its commitment to transparency, Wallaroo allows visitors to its website to see how the products are made from plant to packet via the Wallaroo trail here.

Wallaroo works with growers that use sustainable farming practices, adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (Global GAP) and organic standards, commit to no land clearing, and to protecting watercourses from pollution.

The packaging is certified as home compostable by TUV Austria which means the wrapper will compost just like food scraps in the garden or home composter. If you don’t compost at home you can also cut up the packets and put these in your council food waste bin. More about Wallaroo’s packaging here.

“The decision to use organic fruit came naturally as we’re constantly striving to make our products as good as they can be. Most of our growers are keen to grow organic fruit as this is certainly beneficial economically but also there is realisation that organic cultivation is better for their fields in the long run.” Abhisek stated on the founders commitment to organic

Where to buy
Wallaroo’s current range of products are now widely stocked in premium retail stores, workplaces, visitor attractions and hotel mini bars. For Stockist see here. You can also purchase packs of Wallaroo directly on their webshop here, either as a subscription saving or one off.

On joining the OTB
We asked Abhisek why the company chose to join OTB: “We like the idea of Wallaroo being part of an organisation that supports the ideas that we’ve built the company on. OTB champions not only organic but sustainability across the food supply chain and we hope that we can learn and also contribute to this endeavour.”