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Ausha joins the OTB

By 1 July 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

Ausha is an 100% organic food brand range that includes herbal tea infusions and coffee, herbs and spices, nuts, superfoods and supplements, all sourced for organic growers and plantations in India.

The founders of AUSHA, Nishanth Ramanathan and Mahadevan Krishnan became friends in India. they both grew up in the suburbs of Southern India, where eating locally-produced organic food was a way of life. When they moved to the UK for work reasons, the awareness for organic was on the rise more than ever alongside healthy eating awareness.

For a few years the two friends were procuring organic spices like turmeric, black Pepper and superfoods like moringa and ashwagandha for personal use and slowly the word started to spread among their friends, who were impressed with the various health benefits of the superfoods.

Nishanth and Mahadevan decided to test the waters and start selling the products and what began as a distraction from their day jobs, grew into a fully-fledged company, procuring and supplying innovative superfoods, spices, teas and so, AUSHA was established.

Starting with just 6 products in 2017, AUSHA has rapidly grown over the last few years and now sells more than 20 products with more innovative, lesser known products soon to be launched. Whilst benefits of spices like Turmeric and Black Pepper are widely know, there are numerous hidden gems like Moringa, Ashwagandha, Papaya Fruit,Papaya Leaf powders, Senna leaf tea which possess a wealth of nutritional benefits and AUSHA is delighted we can provide those to the UK consumer who appreciate the benefit of organic superfoods.

“We are sourcing all our products directly from suppliers with Certified Organic Production houses based all over India, who procure directly from the small scale farming community. We liaise with our supply chain teams on a weekly basis. Be it AUSHA’s Tellicherry Peppercorns  or Papaya leaves grown in the Western Ghats Mountain Ranges in Kerala, India or the organic aromatic cashew nuts from GOA or the Turmeric grown in the hilly Terrains of Southern India,we have a clear understanding on what we procure; where they are grown and how they are grown. We pay a premium price for our products to support the farming community in India and to maintain the quality.” Says Nishanth

We asked the team why they decided to source and sell 100% organic products?
Mahadevan responded that ”Organic produce contains low levels of pesticides and chemicals and can contain higher levels of micronutrients compared to non-organic. Also organic plantations support wildlife species and create a healthy ecosystem. The Benefits of organic food are obvious and AUSHA wants to be a responsible brand selling quality, healthy products to its customers.”

 We asked about their plans for the next year?
We have plans to expand our range of products with new innovative products as we have done over the last 3 years. We have been growing over 100% every year so far and have an ambition to sell our products via major Health food stores in the UK in the coming years.” said Mahadevan

Where to buy
You can buy Ausha products either direct from their website and from the Ausha Store on amazon if you would like to make a trade enquiry, whether it’s wholesale or retail, please email the team at l