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Organic September

By 1 July 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

We are expecting Organic September 2021 to be bigger and bolder than ever before, building on the success of the joined up sector wide campaign of 2020 with a strengthened message for businesses, producers and retailers to align behind:

“Nature has the answer…and the answer is organic”

Soil Association Certification is working with the Organic Trade Board once again to ensure powerful cross sector messaging reach as many as possible and engages record numbers of brands and retailers. The campaign will cover food, drink, organic beauty and textiles.

Organic September provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of organic, as well as highlighting the incredible efforts organic brands and businesses make to safeguard the planet. The statement “it’s what the planet would choose” will feature strongly in this year’s messaging.

Since March 2020 there has undoubtedly shifted the way we view the world around us. People have connected more with nature and value the food they eat and invariably wanting to choose products that are produced in a way that works with nature.

As part of an overarching PR plan to show shoppers how their choices really can make a difference to the planet, there will be an exhibition launched in London that focuses on the plight of British insect species at risk of extinction within the next decade. The exhibition will highlight the challenge of intensive farming and widespread pesticide use, which is known to be a major factor in the dramatic decline of the UK’s insect species in recent decades. “ARC 2031” will demonstrate how organic farming can help to support and revive ten endangered insect species, offering visitors a hopeful and positive outlook for the future of Britain’s precious species by supporting organic farming and reducing our reliance on pesticides. The spokesperson for the campaign is Megan McCubbin, English zoologist, conservationist and wildlife presenter.

The campaign will see a range of resources available to all brands, producers and retailers alike, with digital toolkits and online content playing a central role.

For independent retailers, alongside new point of sale, there will be GOTs-certified organic cotton tote bags to giveaway on Organic September Saturday, which is landing on the first weekend of the campaign, 4th September, this year.

Other Activity and Notable Events

  • Full digital toolkits available for all organic licensees and OTB members with web and social media assets, how-to guides, press templates, video content and more

  • Soil Association Certification hosted workshops in advance of Organic September

  • Organic Trade Board seminars supporting members with social media and retailer engagemen

  • Soil Association Certification promoted listings pages for people looking for box schemes, their local independent shops and where to find organic products from food to beauty or fashion.

  • “ARC 2031” list launch & exhibition

  • OTB social campaign to support Arc 2031 led by Megan McCubbin

  • Soil Association Organic Beauty and Well-Being week will be running from 6th – 13th September

  • Sponsorship and sampling opportunities for campaign pledgors

  • OTB members directory for people looking for organic products or retailers who promote organic within their range

Clare McDermott from Soil Association Certification said “Organic September 2021 is landing at a time when the market is simply booming. This makes me really excited about the potential of this unified campaign that will see the whole industry align behind the message that ‘nature has the answer, and the answer is organic.’

We know from organic sales data throughout 2020 and early 2021 that people are looking for the organic certified logos when shopping, and we believe that’s because it is a quick and easy way to be sure that what you are buying has been produced to a standard you can trust – and in ways that work with nature and not against it. Organic really is food & drink as it should be and we’re delighted that more and more people are embracing that.”

Marketing Director, Harriet O’Regan, Organic Trade Board says:
“We have seen so much growth in public consciousness around issues relating to the planet, wildlife and farm animals and we are passionate about the role organic can play in providing a positive choice. Our industry wide messaging makes it abundantly clear that organic is a choice based on looking to nature for the solution and there is no better time for a system that is based on a fundamental respect of nature to be noticed and valued. I am enthused and excited about what we can achieve with this bold sector wide campaign and also about the number of retailers that are putting organic at the heart of their sustainability strategies and are recognising the momentum of this sector. We have all been working hard in the background to develop and deliver materials, events and joint activity and build an industry wide campaign that is open to all certifiers and their licensees and that everyone can get behind in September 2021.”