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Nature’s Thyme joins the OTB

By 23 September 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

OTB is happy to welcome a new member, Nature’s Thyme, an online shop that supplies products that support health and immunity holistically.

The founder of the business, Vicky Allen, previously worked in HR and started working for a natural health company following the birth of her first child. Vicky was inspired when she heard people’s testimonies of how natural health products had helped them to heal themselves and alleviate their health.

Having previously been sceptical about the effectiveness natural health products, she carried out some research which changed her perspective. Vicky applied what she had discovered to help address her own health issues, as she suffered from arthritis and struggled with chronic pain management. She tried different products and found that she could improve her health and wellbeing through learning what works for her own system.

After the birth of her second child, Vicky decided to set up Nature’s Thyme Ltd to make it easy for people to access products online, and to encourage the use of natural health products to support health and wellbeing. With so many people researching online, finding ways to treat simple health issues, she saw that this was a great market to tap into.

This has been reflected in the market sales, where over the last year, many consumers have become more health-conscious and are looking to supplement their diet in ways that can support and boost their immunity and health generally.

Nature’s Thyme’s mission is to help people achieve optimum natural health and wellbeing by offering a range of clean, trusted, beneficial products that will give people the confidence to make positive health changes in their daily lives. The ethos of the business is that even small changes that you make for your health, and the planet’s health, make a big difference overall. Nature is at the heart of what they do and that’s why sustainability is at the core of their company values – they consider how it influences their business, benefits their customers, improves local communities and supports the planet. They believe we are on a journey together to a healthier, more sustainable future.

Product range

Nature’s Thyme has been carefully curated with products for your natural health medicine cabinet and all aspects of your lifestyle. From organic vitamins and superfoods to menstrual care, you will find an option for you in their online shop.