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“EPR” is an abbreviation of the phrase “Extended Producer Responsibility” and is an extension of the current “Producer Responsibility” Regulations that govern Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Waste Batteries and Packaging Waste. EPR will fundamentally transform the landscape with respect to the Packaging Waste Regulations and also affect the WEEE and Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations in the future as well.

Will I be affected by EPR?

If you are currently a Producer under the Packaging Waste Regulations, WEEE Regulations and/or the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations, then you will be affected by EPR. In the first phase of EPR implementation, all current Packaging Producers will be affected in some way by the new legislation. Also, some companies that have been previously unaffected by the current Packaging Waste Regulations (due to being below the current thresholds of £2 million annual turnover and placing less than 50 tonnes of packaging onto the UK market) will also become affected for the first time. If you are currently not complying with the Packaging Waste Regulations and believe that you will meet the new “Small Producer” thresholds (£1 million+ annual turnover and placing more than 25 tonnes of packaging onto the UK market), please contact us for further advice, help and support.

When will EPR for Packaging be implemented?

EPR for Packaging will be launched in a phased approach from 2023, with the full new legislation coming into force for the start of 2024. It has now been confirmed that Packaging Producers will have to submit packaging data in a brand-new format for the new Regulations during 2023.

What will be the impacts of EPR for Packaging?

There are many impacts of the new EPR for Packaging Regulations, which are summarised here:

  • There will be a new “single point of compliance” for packaging, which will completely transform the current Packaging Waste Regulations away from the current “shared Producer Responsibility” approach and the use of the “packaging chain” for reporting.
  • There will be a new requirement on separating out household packaging from non-household packaging. Household packaging waste will be managed via a new body called the “Scheme Administrator”, which will have sole authority with respect to household packaging waste. Non-household packaging waste will be captured via Packaging Compliance Schemes. Packaging Obligations will be met initially via the PRN system, which will continue as an interim solution.
  • Data Reporting will change from annual to bi-annual. The first submission of bi-annual packaging data will be required by 1st October 2023, based on packaging handled from 1st January to 30th
  • There will be an additional data reporting element for Producers with respect to “Nation Data”. Producers will be required to break down the UK packaging data that is normally reported to the Agencies into the 4 Nations of the UK (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). For Year 1, 2023 packaging data, split by UK Nation, will need to be reported by December 2024.
  • Although the current PRN system is scheduled to continue until at least 2026/2027, Producers handling household packaging will also have to start paying additional costs on top of PRN charges in order to pay for the collection, treatment and recycling of packaging from households.
  • Mandatory labelling requirements will also be introduced in the new Regulations. Producers will be required to label packaging using the “Recycle Now” trademarks (“Recycle” / Do Not Recycle”).
  • Compliance costs under the new Regulations will increase significantly.

With EPR being the most significant shake-up of the Producer Responsibility system in over 20 years, Producers will need access to timely updates and guidance to achieve a smooth EPR transition.

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