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It’s Pure joins the OTB

By 25 January 2023No Comments

We are delighted to welcome It’s Pure to the OTB, Britain’s only brand of certified organic hair dye!


Founded originally by a British Ayurvedic therapist, It’s Pure became the UK’s first ever certified organic hair colour brand in 2011. Inspired by her travels to India and the transformative results she had seen on people’s hair, It’s Pure founder Tricia sought and developed the best quality ingredients into a unique range of colours.

In 2020, the brand was taken into the fold of the Essential Care group (which also includes organic skincare brand and OTB member, Odylique) after owner Abi Weeds discovered the remarkable efficacy of the It’s Pure dyes.

It’s Pure Hair Dyes

Britain’s only brand of certified organic hair dye, It’s Pure colours are made entirely from botanical extracts and are free from PPD, ammonia, peroxide and all artificial chemicals, unlike mainstream dyes that can damage your hair,

The formulations use Ayurvedic herbs, such as henna and amla, have scalp-soothing properties and care for sensitive skin. They are nutrient-rich, provide active hair benefits, and can help restore dry or damaged hair. By coating your hair with pure plant pigments, the herbal colours give it strength, shine and volume.

The herbs in It’s Pure hair products come from a certified organic Fair & Wild grower in Rajasthan, India that uses advanced technologies to deliver incredibly pure extracts, free from contaminants. The extracts are then blended in the UK at It’s Pure’s Soil Association certified laboratory in rural Suffolk, all powered by renewable energy.

Plans for the Future

It’s Pure is perfect for people who want to avoid conventional hair dye chemicals, have sensitive skin, are recovering from chemotherapy, are pregnant, or have dry or damaged hair.

Alongside beautifully pure colours that promote shine, volume and improve the condition of your hair, over the next 1-2 years It’s Pure are developing a range of complementary hair care products including shampoo and conditioner. They are also expanding the It’s Pure’s Suffolk home and production capacity to supply growing UK distribution.

Where to buy

Currently available on the It’s Pure website, Amazon and online at Superdrug and Holland & Barrett.