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Tideford Organic’s Brand Repositioning and NPD unveiling

By 20 September 2023September 21st, 2023No Comments

Tideford Organics, which has been making award-winning food for over 25 years, has undergone a rebrand focusing on flavoursome, organic, plant-only food which takes inspiration from countries around the world that know and understand the power of plants.

Taking consumers on a journey through taste with recipes specially curated by Tideford’s experienced foodie team, Tideford’s veg-packed chilled soups contain up to three of the recommended five-a-day, delivered in a more interesting and flavourful way.

Only 28 per cent of adults are eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, the average being 3.7 portions per day. Fewer men than women meet the five-a-day guideline, and young people aged 16-24 are also less likely than adults to reach this target (source: Health Survey for NHS England 2019, 15 Dec 2020).

To tie in with the new brand positioning, Tideford Organics is introducing two new world flavour-inspired soups: Thai Green Veg Soup and Caribbean Sweet Potato Soup which will launch into Sainsbury’s and regionally in Tesco this September.  The new skus join the existing world flavour soups Indian Lentil & Spinach Dhal and Malaysian Coconut & Noodle, all 560g, £3.25.

Comments Christine Forrest, marketing manager, Tideford Organics: “We conducted some consumer research which found that for the majority of people, it’s not always easy to achieve five-a-day because preparing quick, flavourful, plant-rich meals takes time and know how.

“The repositioning of the Tideford brand to focus purely on organic, plant-only food from around the world reflects consumers’ desire for more flavour diversity when trying to achieve their five-a-day.  We’ve done all the thinking for them, helping them feel less overwhelmed and delivering a more enjoyable eating experience.  As well as offering a wealth of flavour inspired by the cuisine of countries like Thailand and the Caribbean, our soups offer a wide variety of different plants including nuts, seeds, spices, pulses, whole grains, fruits and vegetables – up to nine in one pot.

“Tideford is the only mainstream UK supermarket brand to offer this positioning, providing retailers with a unique opportunity to meet consumers’ distinct requirement for flavourful, inspiring – and easily achievable – five-a-day foods.”

All Tideford Organics product packaging incorporates clear five-a-day and world flavour messaging for consumers, as well as emphasising they are organic, plant-only and gluten-free.

The Tideford brand is growing at 12.7% year on year in grocery retail, in line with chilled soup category growth (source: Kantar, Feb 23).  Tideford is also experiencing the benefits of being an organic brand; the overall organic market grew by 1.6% in 2022 (source: Soil Association Organic Market Report 2023) and is now worth over £3.1 billion, its highest ever value.