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Affiliate Supporter Natural & Organic Innovation Award Winners 2024

By 25 April 2024No Comments

A huge congratulations to all of the nominees for the Natural & Organic Innovation Awards 2024 – we are delighted that the following Affiliate Supporters were either shortlisted or won an award!

The Lifetime Achievement Award

Cheryl Thallon, founder of Viridian Nutrition

 The Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Cheryl Thallon, Viridian Nutrition founder, in recognition of her over 40 years of commitment and dedication to the natural & organic industry. Receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, Cheryl said: “The natural and organic sector is an industry I love. I am truly passionate and feel privileged to be able to help others to better health and wellness. Although we are all living longer, there’s still many people with chronic illnesses, and it’s our responsibility to take care of our own health and help take care of others, which is my mission. I feel very honoured to receive this award.”

Best New Food Product

Winner: Kallo Mixed Seeds Veggie Thins

Cementing itself as a major player in healthy snacking, the all-new Kallø Veggie Thins are crunchy snacking flatbreads, made with chickpeas which are naturally high in fibre and are a source of plant protein. Baked and not fried, the range is gluten-free and suitable for vegans, and contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Shortlisted: Biona Organic Aubergine Pesto

Discover a delightful twist on classic pesto with Biona‘s Aubergine Pesto, combining the robust flavours of aubergine and Italian sun-dried tomatoes. Crafted in a solar-powered kitchen, the product underscores their commitment to sustainability. Free from added sugar, it’s perfect for enhancing pasta dishes or elevating bruschetta.

Best New Organic Food

Clearspring Organic Shichimi Togarashi – Seven Spice Blend

Clearspring Organic Shichimi or shichi (seven) mi (flavours) is a popular traditional Japanese condiment. The powerful heat from the chilli is beautifully complemented by refreshing citrus notes and the complex umami rich flavours of sesame and nori. Perfect for everything from noodles and BBQs to stir-fries and tofu salads.

Best New Drink Product

Shortlisted: Qi Teas Wellbeing Tea, Pravera

Qi Wellbeing Tea is a refreshing superfruit blend of pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry, formulated to give a boost of antioxidants and support overall wellbeing.
Enjoy the unique blend of mellow, high mountain green tea and specially selected ingredients. The abundance of real fruit gives this tea a fresh, fruity taste.

Best New Supplement

Winner: Viridian Collagen Pro Factors

Viridian‘s unique vegan complex with 18 key amino acids in the precise ratio found in type 1 human collagen. Easy for the body to absorb and utilise. With vitamin C to support normal collagen production and scientifically studied friendly bacteria. Developed by nutritionists, with 100% active ingredients, no animal sources.

Best New Herbal Product

Shortlisted: Viridian Organic Lion’s Mane

Sustainably sourced from Finland, where the pure air supports bioaccumulation of the positive nutritional compounds. 100% fruiting body for high potency. This is where the bio actives are most prevalent. Standardised to provide 60mg of 1-3, 1-6 beta glucan in every capsule. Certified organic, 100% traceable and non-animal tested.

Best New Speciality Health Product

Shortlisted: Viridian Homocysteine Support Complex

A targeted blend of key nutrients including vitamin B12, B6 and folate which contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism. This formulation also contains the supportive nutrients co-enzyme Q10, vitamin B1 and zinc. Nutritionist formulated at optimal potencies, with 100% active ingredients with no artificial fillers and no nasties. Non-animal tested.

Best New Eco Living Product

Shortlisted: Natracare pads and pantyliners

Natracare pads and pantyliners are first to become Seedling certified compostable!
Natracare is proud to announce that their pads and pantyliners are now certified compostable industrially, according to EN13432. When disposed of correctly, Natracare products are proven to become valuable compost which can be used to enrich soils at end-of-life.

Best New Make Up Product

Shortlisted: Benecos Lovely Lavender Nail Polish

The benecos Nail Polish in Lovely Lavender is vegan and plant-based with our bestselling 20-FREE formula with ingredients of natural origin. We have developed the texture of our benecos Nail Polish to be breathable and water-permeable, keeping your manicure feeling hydrated and your hands looking dazzling with the colour pop!

Best New Organic Beauty Product

Winner: Odylique Natural Foundation

Genuinely bridging the gap between skincare and makeup, this COSMOS certified foundation by Odylique is designed for sensitive skin and boasts 66% active botanicals. Includes a vegan collagen with proven efficacy for skin hydration, elasticity, and improving barrier function. Silicone-free and 100% natural, the foundation offers soothing coverage, and weightless satin feel.