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New Affiliate Supporter: Target Publishing

By 10 July 2024No Comments

About Target Publishing?
Target Publishing is the leading publisher in natural and organic health. Recognised for providing the highest-quality editorial and the most-targeted readership, its titles include Organic & Natural Business, Health Food Business and Integrative Health & Applied Nutrition, among others. It also organises the Natural Health Trade Summit – the UK’s only event for independent health food retailers – which takes place in Manchester and Bristol each year.

Company History

Target Publishing’s story began in 2000 when experienced publisher David Cann and his wife, Suzanne Cann, bought an already well-established trade title, Health Food Business from Bestway Designs Ltd.

Beginning with just the one title, Target Publishing rapidly grew, supplementing Health Food Business with two successful health food trade shows in Brighton and Harrogate, the Natural Trade Shows, and launching in-store consumer title Natural Lifestyle. Target Publishing’s UK market consists of both independent and multiple retailers of organic products, health-conscious consumers and manufacturing brands of organic and natural products

Fast forward to today, and Target Publishing continues to be one of the UK’s leading independent publishers with over 20 staff working across 16 titles which produce 60 issues a year and organising 30 events annually. The business continues to be family-owned and run, with David and Suzanne very much still part of Target Publishing’s vision and strategy for the future.

Looking to the future, Target Publishing will continue to expand its exhibition, the Natural Health Trade Summit, in the UK and Europe, and grows the readership in-print and online, of its titles.

Natural Health Trade Summit Photo Credit @EPB_Photos